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Hansut, Osborn, Loertscher winners in local races

November 10th, 2011

In politics the ultimate verdict is always at the ballot box. Win, lose or draw, the political landscape is always in flux and depending on your particular point of view, it may be for the better or it may be for the worse. But there is something that can always be said about the American electoral system – change is the one thing you can count on.

As of press time, the following are the unofficial results.
Local Town Races:

In Lloyd Republican Paul Hansut won the race for Supervisor over Democrat Jon Decker by a vote of 1,245 to 843.

“I feel very good,” Hansut said of his victory. “We will have a new Town Board and will begin to turn this town around and things will begin to happen for this community.”

Two Town Council seats were up for grabs. Republican Herb Litts and Democrat Michael Guerriero won with 1,155 and 1,040 respectively. Republican Alan Van De Bogart received 818 votes and Democrat Joseph Indelicato got 769 votes.

After long-term Highway Superintendent Frank Lombardi decided to retire two candidates threw their hats in the ring. The victor, Democrat Richard Klotz, received 1,131 votes to Leonard Auchmoody’s 863 votes.

Two candidates ran unopposed – Democrat Rosalie Peplow received 1,604 votes for another term as Town Clerk and Judge Eugene Rizzo, at 1,845 votes, will return to the bench.

In Marlborough the new Supervisor will be Republican Stephen Osborn who beat Democrat Al Lanzetta by a vote of 1,054 to 926 votes.

“I enjoyed the campaign and am very happy about how the Democrats ran theirs. It was a clean and competitive campaign and I like that,” Osborn said.

“There is a lot to do and there is a lot of responsibility. I am already thinking into the future.”

The two Town Council seats will be filled by Republican Ed Molinelli and Democrat Scott Corcoran who received 1,078 and 954 votes, respectively. Democrat Alan Koenig received 944 votes and Republican Emanuel Cauchi garnered 821 votes.

Colleen Corcoran won the contested Town Clerk position over Carl Appler by a vote of 1,249 to 741 votes.

There were two uncontested races – Gael Appler won re-election as Highway Superintendent with 1,500 votes and Judge Eleanor Gallagher won another term on the bench with 1,536 votes.

In Plattekill incumbent Republican Supervisor Bruce Loertscher won re-election over challenger Robert Trainor by a vote of 823 to 452.

“I feel voter confidence,” Loertscher said of his fourth win for Supervisor. “I am happy and it went very well. I am a fair person and I try to do things right. Looking ahead we will try to operate within the tax cap and control spending. We’re going to run lean and mean, not just our town but all of them. I hate to say it but it’s true.”

The two Town Council seats were taken by Republicans Michael Putnam and Lawrence Farrelly by 741 and 554 respectively. They won over Democrats Kenneth Vogel with 442 votes and Eileen McKenna with 427 votes and Conservative Richard Gorres with 275 votes.

Republican Barbara Dawes, who ran unopposed, received 1,116 votes and will serve another term as Town Clerk. Highway Superintendent Robert Wager, who also ran unopposed, garnered 1,214 votes.

Judge Annamaria Maciocia ran unopposed and will serve another term on the bench, having won with 951 votes.

Ulster County Races:
County Executive Mike Hein, who ran unopposed, won another four year term with 25,801 votes.

Republican Holley Carnright won re-election as the Ulster County District Attorney over challenger Democrat Jon Sennett by a vote of 22,174 to 14,652.

Republican Wayne Harris ran unopposed for the newly created Legislative District 9 and received 909 votes.

Republican Mary Beth Maio won re-election in District 10 over Democrat Gerard Lyons by a vote of 798 to 656.

Republican Richard Gerentine will return to the Legislature in District 11. He ran unopposed and received 1,336 votes.

Republican Kevin Roberts won re-election in District 12 over Democrat Joseph Eriole by a vote of 458 to 338.

By Mark Reynolds

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