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It’s official: Roddy wins GOP Assembly primary

September 26th, 2012

Colin Schmitt, candidate for the 99th Assembly District, has conceded the battle to his opponent for the Republican ticket, Kyle Roddey.

Roddey, who currently serves as mayor of Goshen, received the endorsement of the Rockland and Orange Counties’ Republican, Conservative and Independence parties, as well as Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois. Schmitt, from Montgomery, focused on a grassroots campaign and gained the stamp of approval from both the Tea Party and Orange County Right to Life.

The race to win the Republican primary remained too close to call days after the election, forced to go to the counting of the absentee ballots to determine which candidate had won.
As of Monday, unofficial count results of the absentee ballots gave the win to Roddey by 87 votes. Official results have not yet been made available.

“Despite seemingly insurmountable odds we attained ballot access on the Republican line and forced a write-in primary on the Conservative line. With zero party support and going against a sitting elected official with the full backing of three political parties our grassroots team worked everyday to deliver an alternative to the voters of this wonderful 99th Assembly District,” said Schmitt in a statement on Monday. “Our state is suffering and we deserve better. The dedicated group of individuals and organizations that supported me truly believed and still believes in that mantra and my showing in the primary proves that many in our community do as well.”

Schmitt stated that while he didn’t win the primary, he believes his campaign was not without success and thanked the efforts of the many volunteers that made it possible.

“The grassroots have delivered a message that we will not just settle for what party bosses dictate,” said Schmitt, adding that he was excited by what they were able to accomplish and hopes it inspires others to speak up and offer alternatives in other elections.

Roddey will face Democrat James Skoufis of Woodbury in the general election in November. The 99th District includes New Windsor, Cornwall, Goshen, Hamptonburgh, Wawayanda, Blooming Grove, Chester, Woodbury, Highlands and Stony Point.

By Rachel Coleman

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