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VC school board considers future capital project

September 26th, 2012

During a meeting on Monday, representatives from Bernier, Carr & Associates gave the Valley Central School District Board of Education an update on the $7.2 million “Minimal and Essential” bond project.

The men reported that a large part of the project – the replacement of the pool roof – had been completed and work on the leach pit adjacent to Rt. 17K near the high school/middle school complex had begun ahead of schedule. Work was suspended during the first week of school so as not to cause a distraction during an already hectic time, but resumed on Sept. 10.

Since several of the trees that had been planted at the time the original leach pit system was installed had grown so large that their roots had begun to interfere with piping, the contractors explained they had to be removed. Once that happened, workers were able to begin replacing the leach pits, starting with the ones closest to the visitor parking area.

A majority of the leach pit replacement work is expected to be completed by mid-November. It will resume in the summer of 2013.

Looking ahead, the representatives explained that work on the pool filtration/mechanical replacement project is scheduled to start on Nov. 19. This is to allow for fall use of the pool and the ordering of “long lead items” such as air handlers and heat exchangers.

Also during the meeting, there was discussion of a possible future “Energy, Abatement and Technology” bond project that would include facilities and infrastructure updates required to support technology, completion of the abatement of the ceiling at Berea Elementary School and facilities and system improvements focused on long-term energy savings.

If their goal was to plan a bond vote for May 2013, the board was told that the next step would be to authorize Bernier, Carr & Associates to proceed with a facilities evaluation and energy audit to help prioritize the scope of the project.

The next meeting of the Valley Central School District Board of Education will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

By Jessica Murray

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