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More car larcenies in Maybrook

October 10th, 2012

More car larcenies have struck Maybrook, this time in the Abbey Avenue area of the village. And in each case, the thief struck when the vehicle was not locked.

The latest incidents occurred last Wednesday night with items stolen out of unlocked vehicles in the Abbey Avenue area and on Williams Street. Maybrook Police Chief Arnold “Butch” Amthor said an arrest has been made.

Last month, there was a rash of car larcenies, again all from unlocked vehicles that were scattered throughout the village. At that time, Police Sgt. Michael Maresca said the department has increased its presence and asked residents to call the police whenever they noticed suspicious people or activity in their neighborhoods.

“It’s hard to tell if these latest incidents are related, but in my experience, it appears that it is not just one person doing this,” Amthor said. “And we have made arrests, more than one.”

In the latest arrest, Amthor said, a suspect was charged with possession of stolen property when the items stolen out of the Abbey Avenue vehicles were discovered at a pawn shop.

“Chances are he is the one who stole the items, but we can’t prove it,” Amthor explained as to why the person was not also charged with larceny. In this case, the person arrested was a juvenile who was bailed out.

“The truth is, the police department is very much aware of who the likely suspects are,” Amthor continued. “The problem is that this is a low-level crime, a misdemeanor, and then you have the juvenile factor.”

As with the September incidents, Amthor repeated the advice of Sgt. Maresca: Keep your vehicles locked at all times, don’t keep valuables in your car and call the police if you see anything suspicious.

“There was no forced entry into these cars. This is a crime of opportunity. Nearby cars that were locked did not get broken into. What is really important is that people in the community pay attention to what’s going on in their neighborhood. If you see someone walking around at 3 a.m., call the police. Take normal, everyday precautions, like locking your car doors to minimize your chances of being the victim of a crime.”

Mayor Dennis Leahy, who lives on Abbey Avenue, was not one of the latest victims. He says he always locks his car and also keeps his outside light on to discourage criminal activity. He also promised that those arrested for the car thefts will be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Leahy put out a “Code Red” message after the Abbey Avenue incidents, repeating the police advice to report suspicious activity and keep your cars locked. You can sign up for Code Red on the village website, www.villageofmaybrook.com. Click on the tab on the lower left side of the home page marked “Code Red.” That will bring you to the Code Red website where you input your notification information. Then, for any emergency situations, critical community alerts and special event notifications, you will be notified to the device you chose: home phone, cell, email, etc. You can enter as many devices/phone numbers as you choose.


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