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Lloyd eyes modest tax increase

November 14th, 2012

The Lloyd Town Board submitted their 2013 budget to the public. General appropriations total $4,177,942 and Highway came in at $1,815,117. Adding in the special districts along with the ambulance service at $230,256 and the Highland Fire at $1,007,585 brings the total to $9,625,278.

Subtracting revenues of $1,167,175 in the general line $148,000 in the highway line and $2,428,902 in the special districts as well as factoring in $357,200 from the unexpended fund balance brings the total amount needed to be raised in taxes to $6,839,176.

A summary sheet was compiled to explain the 2013 budget. On the general fund side expenditures are up by $94,782 and revenues are down by $12,425 with $46,000 applied from the fund balance. Legal notices and code updates have increased by $7,800; a position in buildings and grounds will move from a part-time to a full-time position adding $26,700; data processing is up by $11,500 to address Internet security needs in the town; Police will receive a new computer server and a new vehicle for $41,000; the Recreation Department director will now be full time at a cost of $10,000 along with capital improvements, park maintenance and program updates for $36,000; retirement costs will jump by $65,000; Town Board personnel will see a decrease of a 10-hour clerk and the assessor’s office will add some additional hours for their part-time clerk. All of these changes will decrease the town levy by $5,000.

On the highway side of the line, expenditures are up by $158,716. Because of road improvements and equipment purchases, the town entered into a lease purchase with M&T Bank for $485,000 for seven years at a cost of $76,600 a year. This will allow the town to purchase two 8-foot pickup trucks, two plows, a dump truck and plow and one Ford F-350 pickup truck with plow.

Additional revenues of $101,657 will come primarily from CHIPS money for road improvements and the highway department’s fund balance will be tapped for $68,000. The North Road culvert project will be paid for by using unexpended highway funds from 2012.

Water district expenditures are up by $170,109. The town has hired/promoted an administrator at a half-salary of $33,700; replaced 3rd river pump for $67,500 and has included $30,000 to pay for engineering for a well connection and $40,000 to pay for meters as part of the replacement project.

Revenues are up by $26,215 because of water usage, which is due the town, and debt for the water district has decreased by $20,000.

Sewer district expenditures are up by $22,721 while revenues are down by $24,300 because of reduced usage. This pushes the tax levy up by $47,000. A wastewater position has been left vacant to save money.

The sewer debt has increased by $64,956 because of the upgrade project but $50,000 from the unexpended fund balance has been applied to this to reduce the levy.

The light district has increased by $3,000 because of additional lights and their associated maintenance.

The ambulance line of $230,256 has remained the same going into 2013.

The town is currently in contract negotiations with the police and dispatchers unions, who have been without a contract since 2009 and CSEA contracts expire on Dec. 31, 2012. The summary states that “this budget does not reflect any contract negotiations or settlements.” The summary adds that when contracts are ratified the town will use the fund balance, if needed.

Although the tax levy is under the 2 percent cap [1.7 percent] it does not mean taxes will decrease. Lloyd decreased assessments again in 2012 with residential properties down by 4 percent and commercial properties lowered by 3 percent.

“We have a budget with a levy increase of approximately $98,700 and an assessed value decrease of approximately $32,500,000, therefore the tax rates have increased. A property assessed at $300,000 in 2012 in the water/sewer district paid approximately $1,932 in [town] taxes [while] that same property assessed as $288,000 in 2013 will pay approximately $1,962 [or] $29 more.”


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