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Marlboro forum to focus on realignment

November 28th, 2012

A large turnout is expected at Marlboro High School tonight for the first in a series of informational forums being hosted by the Marlboro Central School District. The topic of the forum is the possible realignment of the school district in light of the ongoing Dynegy issue.

According to Superintendent Ray Castellani, the purpose of the meeting, which will begin at 6:30 p.m., is to discuss potential building closures and subsequent reductions in instructional and support staff. During a Board of Education meeting held earlier this month, the superintendent clarified that Milton Elementary and Middle Hope Elementary are the two schools that could close. If that were the case, all students in Grades K-5 would attend Marlboro Elementary School.

While Castellani stressed that no official decisions have been made about the building closures, the district did announce several mid-year cuts to take effect in January 2013, including the elimination of field trips, modified sports, one school psychologist and a few after-school programs.

The cuts, as well as the upcoming forums, are all part of the district’s attempt to deal with the fiscal impacts of Dynegy’s failure to pay their $17.2 million school tax bill and the impending auction sale of the Danskammer and Roseton power plants.

The next forum will take place at the high school on Wednesday, Dec. 5. The focus of that meeting will be program review and discussion.


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