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Lloyd sewer budget cut to ‘bare bones’

December 12th, 2012

Last week, town of Lloyd bookkeeper, Karen McPeck updated the Town Board on a few fiscal items in the town budget, starting with the sewer budget that she characterized as “tight.”

“It is cut to the bare bones; it’s OK but it’s close,” she said.

The 2012 sewer expenditure and debt amounts total $823,759 and as of Nov. 30, $614,515, or approximately 74 percent of the budget has been spent. The sewer department does not have an unexpended fund balance and is presently waiting to receive nearly $100,000 due from rents.

McPeck said the ambulance line is “fine.” The 2012 budget for Mobile Life Support Services is $230,256 and to date $2,300 is in the revenue line, the result of late arrivals to a scene. In the contract the company promises to arrive within 8:59 minutes of any call and anything over that is paid to the town at $100 per minute. In a subsequent interview, Scott Woebse, president and CEO of the company, said he is pleased with their performance and “overall our response times in the Town of Lloyd are excellent.”

McPeck said monthly expenditures for the lighting district is approximately $12,000 and by the end of the year she estimates that this budgetary line may be short by approximately $4,200. She pointed out, however, that this is far better than at the close of 2011 when the town was “in the hole $13,000.”

McPeck said this week she will be making retirement payments for the police and regular town employees totaling more than $500,000. She said that in December 2011 the town did not have the money to pay this and had to wait until February of this year before sending this out.

“This year we’re getting back to prepay in December, which is good,” she said.

Both of these shortfalls occurred under the administration of former Supervisor Ray Costantino.

McPeck will also procure a bond anticipation note to cover repair work that was done after the storms of 2011 because the town has not yet received all of the FEMA funds promised. She said to date the town has received $253,000 from FEMA, however a bond for $250,000 [at 1.29 percent] will cover the remaining amount. The bond is for one year, but if FEMA sends the town the amount before that time, the bond will be retired.

McPeck said for 2012 the town budgeted $200,000 for Safety Net [social service] programs and as of Sept. 30 has spent $93,000. She said, although the bills for these services lag behind by a few months, the town is up to date on their payments.

McPeck noted that the personnel services in the police line in the budget was short by $27,000, in part, due to expenditures for the retirements of Chief David Ackert and Lt. Wade Sargent. An unexpended amount of $2,223 from DARE brings the amount lower and the board approved moving $24,977 of unspent money in the attorney line to cover these expenditures.

Supervisor Paul Hansut noted that the police budget for part-time work is slightly over budget by $3,300. McPeck said DARE money will also be used to offset this overage.

Building Department

Building Department Director Dave Barton called November a “good month” because the town took in approximately $5,000 in fees, which is $3,000 higher than what is usually received at this time of year. He attributes much of this to building permits from residents who are doing upgrades inside their homes.

Barton said the Department of Environmental Conservation [DEC] recently completed their audit of Lloyd’s compliance with MS4 regulations. He said although the DEC has a new and more exacting auditing system, he makes sure that Lloyd stays abreast of changes in the environmental laws, in the review process and ensures that training remains current.

Barton said plans are also under way to update previous GIS mapping on all outfalls, inlets, catch basins, drainage structures and retention ponds that were done four years ago. He said then the work was done in a piecemeal fashion, but this time, with the aid of a new device, accuracy and detail will be greatly enhanced. He said, for example, the heights of the inlets and outlets can now be measured and even seen in 3D so that where and how water flows can easily be ascertained.

Barton said he was called out to three night-time fires recently and expressed his thanks to Police Chief Daniel Waage and Lt. James Janso for the department’s assistance “which wasn’t always the case; I appreciate your help.”

Barton said for 2012 nearly $20,000 of his department’s $251,000 budget will go back to the town since it was not spent.

The board approved the appointment of Patricia Rober as the full-time receptionist with typing for the building, planning and zoning at Barton’s recommendation.

Rail Trail West

Hansut said the department of transportation recently accepted changes made in the scoping document on the proposed western extension of the rail trail from Tony Williams Field to an open area opposite the firehouse on New Paltz Road. Future discussions will be scheduled on how to fund this leg of the trail.

Court requests officer

Hansut said for 2013 Justice Terry Elia has requested an officer be present when he holds court and Judge Eugene Rizzo has requested keeping Larry Furhman as his court officer.

Hansut said NYS Unified Court recommends that the Lloyd Court have armed officers on duty when court is in session.

Police Chief gives monthly report

Police Chief Daniel Waage said for the month of November there were 569 calls for service and 253 other calls for lockouts, medical and assistance to other agencies. There were 57 arrests; 61 vehicle accidents and 85 traffic and parking tickets issued. He said there were approximately 118 foot patrol hours by his officers and also 50 foot patrol hours by himself and Lt. Janso.

Waage said for Thanksgiving the department participated with Sawyer Savings Bank in a “stuffing the truck” drive of non-perishable food items that were collected and donated to the Highland Community Action. The department is presently working with the Highland Fire Department in the annual Toys for Tots Drive, which will culminate in an open house at the station on Saturday, Dec. 15 from noon to 4 p.m.

Waage said the department is on Facebook at ‘Lloyd Police’ to keep residents abreast of arrests, notices and community activities. He said their Twitter will be used to post street closings, weather alerts and emergency announcements.

Waage informed the board that the department has received their new vehicle that will soon be properly marked and equipped. He said two older cars each have just over 100,000 miles and will be kept in rotation to save miles on the newer vehicles. He added that annual miles on each vehicle averages 30,000 miles.

Hansut said he appreciated the chief’s report.

“I think it’s very informative,” he said. “[There are] drastic changes in our police department from the top right on down to the bottom. Everywhere I go I’m getting very positive comments about our police department. They’re out there. They’re visible and people are very happy about the changes.”


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