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Board: ‘nothing more we can do’

August 28th, 2013

Marlboro School Board President Frank Milazzo acknowledged that his board has received a letter from resident Carrie Ross, alleging that recently she was harassed by district employee Frank Felicello.

Milazzo said this “and anything that we’ve been made aware of is outside of the school day [when] these issues have arisen…We’ve not received any complaints specific to his [Felicello] employment and at this time there is nothing more that we can comment on because it’s outside of work.”

Milazzo said he is aware that Ross has reported this incident to the New York State Department of Education.

“We will await the results of any investigation that they are conducting or not conducting based on that, because that’s where all of the teachers are licensed,” he said.

Milazzo said the district has no authority when an alleged incident happens with an employee off of school grounds.

“That’s my understanding and the understanding that we’ve received from our counsel,” he said. “We will be discussing it further as a board but this is the information we have so far.”

The school district is represented by the law firm of Thomas, Drohan, Waxman, Petigrow and Mayle, with offices in Hopewell Junction and Scarsdale.

Milazzo said the board is aware of the concern in the community about this alleged incident with Ross.

“I understand the frustration of some people; [but] our hands are tied in a lot of ways. We have to follow what state education law says we can legally do and what contracts say we can legally do,” Milazzo pointed out. “The guiding factor on most everything in the schools is the state education law. There are very specific procedures and things that have to be done. One of the greatest parts of our country is that everybody is considered innocent until proven guilty. It doesn’t matter what it is; it has to play out.”

By Mark Reynolds

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