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Crawford considers mining law

September 18th, 2013

A public hearing on a proposed local law on mining regulations in the Town of Crawford will be held before the Town Board this Thursday, Sept. 19 at 7 p.m.

The proposed law comes in response to a plan currently before the Planning Board, the Stap mine project, located on Drexel Drive. The mining operation is located mainly in Shawangunk, where the project is being reviewed by its Planning Board, however the road that the applicant plans to use to access and leave the mine is located in Crawford.

The DEC is the lead agency on the project and controls most of the approval process. According to Crawford Town Supervisor Charles Carnes, the DEC “forgot to notify the town” earlier in the project when they were determining the access for the mine.

The local law before the Town Board would “amend the mining regulations in the town zoning law to authorize the Planning Board to impose additional conditions on mining special use permits, including to prohibit or otherwise restrict ingress and egress to town roads and use of town roads by mineral transport vehicles and other vehicles related to a mining site.”

“This would give the Planning Board a little more oversight, a little more clout over it,” said Carnes, noting that the Planning Board would then be able to look out for the neighbors and community. “We wanted to make sure the Planning Board had a say in it.”

The Crawford Planning Board voted at its meeting last week to recommend that the Town Board adopt the proposed regulations, and plans to hold a public hearing on the project itself on Sept. 25.


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