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Incumbents re-elected in Southern Ulster towns

November 5th, 2013

At press time the unofficial election results are as follows.

Town of Lloyd
In the race for Lloyd Town Supervisor incumbent Republican Paul Hansut won reelection, beating challenger Mike Guerriero by 1,419 votes to 980 votes.

The two Town Council seats winners were Jeff Paladino with 1,361 and Kevin Brennie with 1,176.

Richard Klotz held onto his position as Highway Superintendent against challenger Lenny Auchmoody by a vote of 1,366 to 1,009.

Rosalie Peplow retained her position as Town Clerk against Sally Bellacicco by a vote of 1,504 to 912.

Town Justice Terry Elia ran unopposed and garnered 1,804 votes.

Hansut said “I am humbled to the voters and happy about the vote. I am hopeful that Kevin Brennie will hold his lead and that we [Republicans] hold the Town Board and move the town forward.”

Town of Marlborough
The Marlborough Town Supervisor’s position was won by Republican incumbent Stephen Osborn over Al Lanzetta by a vote of 1201 to 966.
The two Town Council seats were won by newcomers Alan Koenig with 1,189 votes and Howard Baker with 1,260 votes.

Colleen Corcoran ran unopposed for the position of Town clerk and received 1,665 votes.

Gael Appler Sr. was re-elected to the position of Highway Superintendent. He also ran unopposed and received 1,556 votes.

The public overwhelmingly approved a proposition to move the town hall facilities to the Milton School by a vote of 1,294 to 860.

A proposal to extend the Highway Superintendent’s term to 4 years failed by a vote of 1,038 yes to 1,105 no.

A proposal to lengthen the Town Clerk’s term to 4 years lost by a slim margin of 1,061 yes to 1,084 no.

Stephen Osborn said he does not get too wrapped up in celebrations because he knows there is always more work to do and things to accomplish.

“I am looking forward to working with the two new town board members,” he said. “To me the job of Supervisor is to work with the board and to move the town forward. That’s what I plan to do.”

Town of Plattekill
Joseph Croce won re-election as Supervisor, beating challenger Robert Trainor by a vote of 1,213 to 795.

The two Town Council seats were won by Cynthia Delgado with 1005 votes and Dean DePew with 1,174 votes.

Bobby Wager ran unopposed for Highway Superintendent and received 1,904 votes.

Barbara Dawes ran unopposed for the position of Town Clerk and received 1,703.votes for another term.

The town Justice position was won by incumbent John Sisti with 1007 votes to challenger Robert Murphy who garnered 1005 votes.

Supervisor Re-elect Joe Croce could not be reached for comment by press time.

Ulster County Legislature
District 9 Town of Lloyd
Republican Herb Litts beat Democrat Billiam VanRoestenberg by a vote of 1,065 to 531.

District 10 Town of Lloyd/Milton
Incumbent Republican Mary Beth Maio beat Democrat Gerard Lyons by a vote of 896 to 761.

District 11 Town of Marlborough
Republican Richard Gerentine was re-elected with a vote of 1,483. He ran unopposed.

District 12 Town of Plattekill
Republican Kevin Roberts won re-election with a vote of 1,016. He ran unopposed.

By Mark Reynolds

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