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Town awarded $520K grant to grow water supply

December 24th, 2013

Charles Carnes, Crawford town supervisor said last week that a state grant will provide $520,200 to bring water into the town from the county’s Dwaar Kill property near Hill Avenue, a move he said is necessary to support any new development.

At the same meeting, John Chessari approached the board to ascertain the board’s initial response to the idea of a senior housing development on his approximately 58-acre parcel near the town park. Carnes advised him that the town “cannot even consider it” until they get another water source.

“It’s an ongoing problem,” Carnes said with regard to the need for more water. “We need to start this project immediately.”

The Dwaar Kill-Pine Bush Water Supply Project, according to Carnes, would entail an 8-inch line spanning two miles and could go out for bids as early as this spring. The Local Government Efficiency Grant program was solicited for the project back in March, but the idea itself has been a concern for a couple years.

The project would mean a necessary upgrade to the town’s existing water treatment site at Blackhawk, and they do not know the cost of that portion yet. The grant will cover the design and feasibility study.

“We have a definite need,” said Carnes. “We can’t do anything outside of the water and sewer district until we get the quantity and quality up to where it should be.”

Chessari’s proposal would also need approval for a “floating zone” for senior housing and an expansion of the sewer district. Carnes said the board is not considering any projects located outside of the water and sewer districts right now.

Carnes said the Dwaar Kill project is now moving forward and the Orange County Water Authority, working along with the town, will choose an engineer, come up with a design and then go out to bid. He said the town will know more after the first of the year.

Carnes announced that the town has also received a grant for $200,000 for a new community center and another grant in the amount of $7,000 through the Orange County Department of Health for physical fitness equipment to start a fitness room in the town’s community center.

The town will also be receiving two new laptops and associated equipment for new police vehicles, at no cost due to federal grants to the county. The Orange County Department of Emergency Management and Orange County Sheriff’s Office will provide the equipment.

The Crawford Town Board is also considering a possible ATV law to protect neighbors of properties where ATVs and other recreational vehicles are being used on a regular basis. Complaints about noise and safety have been made from various property owners as the issue moves from one area to another within the town. The board is reviewing sample local laws from neighboring towns and will discuss the matter at their next meeting.


  1. Dena
    December 28th, 2013 at 10:47 | #1

    Does this mean we are expecting an influx of large developments? I hope we are not following the bloomingburg debacle! I hope all OB residents attend EVERY town meeting and stay educated about what goes on in your town!

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