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One percent tax increase proposed for Maybrook

April 2nd, 2014

Maybrook Mayor Dennis Leahy has unveiled his proposed budget for the village, which calls for a 1 percent tax increase.

“We know it’s tough economic times and we tried to keep it reasonable,” said Leahy.

The proposed budget includes a 3 percent pay raise for village employees, a 1.5 percent pay raise for police officers, two new police cars, a new street sweeper, a new pickup for the DPW and a new full-time DPW employee.

The increase would raise the tax rate for village residents to $11.45 per thousand, which is an increase of 12 cents. For a home assessed at $150,000, the property owner is looking at an increase of about $10.50.

Leahy said the village tax rate has been increased by $1.59 over the past six years. He also pointed out that the tax rates in the neighboring villages of Walden and Montgomery this past year were $15.66 and $13.74, respectively, compared to $11.33 in Maybrook.

“You’re paying significantly less to live in Maybrook and we are gradually getting our infrastructure (government center, senior center, wells, sewers and sewer treatment plant) where it should be, where all we should have to do going forward is maintain,” said Leahy.

According to Leahy, the village currently has a AAA bond rating and will carry a fund balance of about $400,000 under the proposed budget.

Leahy said that work on the new sewer treatment plant is under way and it is expected to be completed this fall. He explained that water and sewer rates in the village will not be raised, but there will be a quarterly surcharge for the plant imposed upon completion of the plant.

“We’re being fiscally responsible and trying to get the best deals possible,” said Leahy, noting that through various efforts the board had saved residents in the neighborhood of $2.7 million on the new sewer treatment plant and the clean out pipe.

“You have our word, we, the Village Board, will do all we can to continue pursuing possible funding and get the best possible interest rate to keep the surcharge as reasonable as possible for the residents of Maybrook,” said Leahy.

Village Trustee Robert Pritchard said the village has piqued the interest of “several prominent developers” through their work on the infrastructure and economic development initiatives that include some zoning changes.

“Theoretically we should be halfway through the rezoning process by the time our new sewer treatment plant comes online. Timing is superb and I want the board and the residents of this fine village to know I will be working very hard to encourage developers to revitalize the area and to bring a diverse group of high-quality businesses to settle here,” said Pritchard.

“We still have a lot to do but as I have said in the past, it’s like cutting down a big tree with an ax and we just keep chipping away,” said Leahy. “This Village Board’s plan is to continue movi
ng forward.”

The public hearing on the budget, as well as the village re-organizational meeting, is set for April 7 at 7 p.m.


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